Bridge Interpreting Services is an experienced translation provider in the United Kingdom. We offer fast, reliable and competitively priced translation services with a special emphasis on the legal, health and social care.

Document Translation

We can translate any document into English or another language. Tranlations can be provided in the same layout and format of the source document if required.


If the exact meaning of the translation is of paramount importance then we offer proofreading for an additional cost. This enables us to keep the costs of translations as competitive as possible and ensure absolute accuracy where a necessity.

Proofreading is a final check by a second independent linguist to ensure that all the text is there, that the names and dates are correct and that there are no spelling mistakes, typos, or misconstrued meaning.


We can provide high qualify written transcripts of audio and video recordings, such as interviews, meetings, telephone conversations, or court proceedings.

The transcript can be produced in the same language as the source audio or translated into other languages as required.